House passes sham party-line impeachment inquiry resolution

On Thursday morning, Democrats took to the House floor to formalize their impeachment witch hunt against President Donald J. Trump, with their resolution to lay the groundwork for an allegedly “transparent” process. The resolution passed on a vote of 232 to 196.

Nancy Pelosi made a floor speech, saying “what it’s about is the truth” as she stood by the flag to introduce the impeachment vote. Pelosi dropped the names of Benjamin Franklin and other founding fathers to try and bolster her case for impeachment against President Trump

Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) took to the House floor, with a staffer attending to a printed sign emblazoned with the words “37 Days of Soviet-Style Impeachment Proceedings” as he roasted Pelosi’s sham impeachment inquiry, saying the Democrats’ resolution gives “no rights for the minority unless the Chair so designates,” and that the inquiry is being run by “Soviet-style rules.” 

House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) took to the floor shortly afterward, exclaiming, “I support his revolution because it lays the groundwork for open hearings… because we have no choice,” despite weeks of secrecy.

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke on the House floor, saying “Tomorrow is November 2st, we are one year away from an election, not just for his House but for the highest office of the presidency. Why do you not trust the people? ”

“Do you have the right to have a voice or only the words you agree with? You may get elected in a primary, but in a general election, you are elected to represent the people of America, and you are their voice,” he said. McCarthy also noted that the 116th Congress will be known for issuing for subpoenas than laws.

In closing, McCarthy said, “I guess it’s only fitting that you take this vote on Halloween.”

At 11:06 a.m., With less than five minutes left in voting, the first procedural vote looks quite partisan, with only one Democrat voting against the measure, 140+ voting for, and 113+ voting against it. 94 Democrats are yet to vote, and 87 Republicans are yet to vote.

With less than one minute left in voting, the first procedural vote looks quite partisan, with only one Democrat voting against the measure, 159+ voting for, and 131+ voting against it. 71 Democrats are yet to vote, and 67 Republicans are yet to vote. Former Republican, now Independent Rep. Justin Amash (I-MI) voted for it.


The House of Representatives has passed the resolution, formally moving forward with the investigation, Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ), and Collin Peterson (D-MN) the only Democrats voting against the resolution. The final vote is 232 for and 196 against, as announced by Speaker Pelosi.

9 thoughts on “House passes sham party-line impeachment inquiry resolution”

  1. Stayce Richardson

    If the Democratic party worked for the American people as hard as they d0 to destroy a sitting president, wow, I can not say what our country could look like. It is very telling the way they are almost feral in their intent to get what they want. Do they not understand that their endeavors are portraying them as fanatical and pushing the American public toward the President? Do they not understand that Pence will become President, not a democrat. Do they not think that Pence will be advised by Trump and the whole situation will go along as if Trump is in office? I have never in all my life seen grown adults throw such a temper tantrum. It will backfire on them and I for one can’t wait to watch it all unfold.

  2. A total waste of taxpayers money. The democrats have now shown the world how communist they are. Because of people like Pelosi I have never nor will I ever, vote democrat.

  3. Virginia Rae Garner

    It truly is a very sad day for our country. These Democrats cannot put their hatred for the President aside and try to work for the people they are supposed to represent. I didn’t like president Oboma, but never wanted or wished for him to be impeached. May GOD have mercy on us for the wrongs done to our president and our country.

  4. This crap needs to stop. President Trump doesn’t deserve this, I feel the Democratic Party is a disgusting disgrace to America and the people that love her.

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