Pro-abortion fringe group freaks out because Facebook won’t censor factual pro-life article

On Thursday, radical pro-abortion fringe group NARAL sent out an unhinged email claiming that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has “caved to public outcry from extremists” by allowing news website The Federalist to keep up an article which stated that abortion is never medically-necessary, despite vast medical evidence proving that it is, in fact, never medically-necessary.

In the off-the-handle rant email signed by NARAL CEO Ilyse Hogue, it claimed that “complacency to peddle their ridiculous claims. If we let them get away with this now, there’s no telling what kind of deceptive propaganda will run rampant in 2020,” despite Hogue constantly peddling the conspiracy theory that late-term abortion (meaning abortion up-to-birth) is “a necessary procedure that must be available to doctors and families when pregnancies go very wrong.” 

It appears Hogue is begging Zuckerberg to kill free speech through his platform, something straight out of the fascists’ playbook. She wrote, “As a social media site, and primary news provider for many, Facebook has an ethical responsibility to fact-check these posts and prevent harmful medical disinformation from spreading on its platform. I am livid at the thought that, with its silence, Facebook is enabling an assault on truth.”

Hogue’s idiotic little rant and claim that the site’s refusal to tear down free speech (which is factually accurate) is an “assault on the truth” despite her own organization’s constant war with the truth, pushing for the killing of unborn babies in the womb, and threatening dissenters with force if they disagree with their extremist abortion up-to-birth views, such as in 2016, when they said “Keep saying s— like that and you’re gonna get punched” to Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s pro-life statements. 

Other pro-abortion groups have joined in with similar tactics, including Planned Parenthood, who blackmailed Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) into voting against Justice Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, which she ignored and voted for the qualified jurist anyway. Another fanatical coalition group pledged $3 million against Collins if she voted for Kavanaugh.

Others have denied that late-term abortion and partial-birth abortion even exist, such as in a recent “Parents” article, which tries to make the case that we should not use these terms to “de-stigmatize” killing the young in the womb. 

While NARAL promote abortion up-to-birth to decimate future populations (such as in New York where more black babies are aborted than born), they refuse to accept their political movement’s radicalism, while violently lashing out at people who still hold the sanctity of life valuable.

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