Anti-impeachment Dem reportedly switching to GOP, seeking Trump’s support

According to the New York Times, moderate New Jersey Democrat Rep. Jeff Van Drew, DMD, is considering a switch from the Democrat Party, after a meeting with senior Trump Advisors to gain support from Trump for the switch. Van Drew has been consistently anti-impeachment.

The Times writes, “The benefit of the move to Mr. Trump would be more immediate: Mr. Van Drew’s high-profile defection could help soften the blow of becoming the third president ever to be impeached, allowing Mr. Trump to argue that the idea of removing him from office is so unpopular that it is prompting Democrats to abandon their party.”

A poll of Democrats in his district shows that 71 percent of them would be less likely to support van Drew if he votes against impeachment, which drove the first-term rep to seriously consider a switch to the Republican Party.

Van Drew’s decision is expected “before or after the House votes on two articles of impeachment,” which will potentially occur on Wednesday.

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  1. I don’t know about this. There are too many RINOs in the Republican Party already. On the other hand, both Ronald Regan and Donald Trump were Democrats at some point. I believe that if Trump supports him as a former Democrat we should support him also.

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