New Zealanders seal in their fate: hand over 51k guns

Friday was the cutoff for the New Zealand gun buyback program, where 33,000 people handed in 51,000 guns and “another 5,000 guns as part of a parallel amnesty in which owners could hand over any type of firearm without any questions being asked but without getting compensated,” according to NBC News. 

The government gun grab comes after a mass shooting where 51 worshippers were gunned down in a Muslim mosque. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the country’s congress reactionarily rammed through a radical gun grab that banned all semi-automatic firearms. 

The ban mirrors similar gun grabs, such as in the socialist country of Venezuela, where in 2013, all citizens had to hand in their guns, while over 12,000 were confiscated. The country, which at the time was being run by socialist dictator Hugo Chávez, now is being “governed” by an illegitimate head of state, Nicolás Maduro. 

“Guns would have served as a vital pillar to remaining a free people, or at least able to put up a fight,” said Javier Vanegas, a Venezuelan teacher of English exiled to El Salvador. Other citizens have called it a “declaration of war against an unarmed population.” 

The gun grab in New Zealand will quickly prove weather the country’s citizens can sustain without adequate protection to defend themselves.

23 thoughts on “New Zealanders seal in their fate: hand over 51k guns”

    1. Do they not know their country is where the Globalist have prepared to go onto hiding? They have built bunkers in the mountains and surely will overtake the people once there!
      People of New Zealand, you have placed,yourselves in grave harm! May God have mercy on you all.

    2. I know.
      I’m a New Zealander living in Louisiana. My wife and I ate both armed for self defence.
      I served in the NZ Army and police. New Zealanders are the world leaders at rolling over and giving in to the government.
      NZ is a progressive criminal utopia. Unarmed Kiwis make perfect victims.

      1. Damn glad you are safe in Louisiana. That’s where I am heading this year–from Colorado, since they are doing the same stupid things.

    3. The person heading this sick socialist program has an agenda to WIN VOTES from all muslims and liberals!! How sick and sad! Id NEVER SERVE in their military ever~!!!!

  1. Hard to believe that the people of New Zealand could be that naive…. Very sad indeed..🤔… well it won’t be long now. And unfortunately there’s no turning the clock back…. 😥

    1. Well your life as you know it is over. Don’t know what country will come and take over your government and lands but this all of history has shown. Death is coming to all leaders and especially teachers or priests or preachers. How could a people of western culture be so frigging stupid. I feel for your children.

  2. So now, basically the South Pacific is unarmed. Hey, you guys remember the 1940’s? Evidently not. Advice to NZ-ers: Learn how to speak Chinese ASAP. They will be coming.

  3. So if the government gets so corrupt that the people are enslaved, how do they plan to get out of it? Probably call the United States, that’s why we gotta definitely keep our right to bear arms; We are called to help but have no one to call for help. It’s all on us…

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  5. I always thought it was a good idea to sell your ‘junk’ guns to government, because nobody else (*who knows anything about guns) would want them. Some folks use(d) the broad language of the buy-backs to sell them ‘home-made’ guns (*they make a lot of them). Then they use the money the government gave them to buy new guns.

    Did anybody bother to ask how many guns there are (*were) in NZ? Half-a-million, maybe?

  6. Do you know that in Australia people could buy your handed in weopons if they were a particular type. We owned a double barrelled automatic shot gun (because of death threats). When we finally handed it in, we were approached by someone to sign a letter to say he could buy it. How dumb was that. Yep, not as dumb as disarming a country. The bad guys don’t have a problem getting supplies into a country.

  7. Where was Adam when Eve was deceived by Satan that resulted in the enslavement of the human race and of nature ?…..Where are the men of the world and of New Zealand today while Eve is being deceived a second time by Satan that will again result in the final enslavement destruction of the human race and of nature?…. Very soon, this end and, judgment of men’s silence will not fall on today’s woman who is being deceived a second time, but on us as men who have deserted our original and designed post to husbandry, leaders and fathers, just as we did at the beginning. For us, as men, love darkness, despite the constant call and warning from God to return to Him. This is the only answer at present for a species who were bred to ignore this warning through the ignorance of our own pride and its Master…

  8. Ernest S. Hendrickson

    Sheep always end up sheared or eaten. The sheep should be New Zealand’s national animal. Question: are they THAT stupid as to give up their means of self defense? Criminals will still have their guns so they know they can rob assault rape and murder and won’t get shot.
    Are they that stupid? I guess they are now wait for a Hitler to come along and conquer! Incredible!!!!

  9. The person heading this sick socialist program has an agenda to WIN VOTES from all muslims and liberals!! How sick and sad! Id NEVER SERVE in their military ever~!!!!

  10. Didn’t think New Zealander’s where that foolish. Now how do they hunt. Wonder if this has any effect on tourist and the hunting season ?

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