WATCH: New ad crushes Democrat lies about Trump’s great economy

A new ad from one of the largest pro-Trump super PACs, The Committee to Defend the President, is targeting 2020 Democrats on their lies about who the economy is “really working for.” 

The ad interweaves clips of Democrat presidential candidates bashing Trump’s economy with liberal news commentators disproving their spin, with one CNN clip of a television host saying, “The President has said this is a great economy. It is.” 

Among the 2020 Democrats featured are Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Bernie Sanders (D-VT), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and billionaire Tom Steyer.

1 thought on “WATCH: New ad crushes Democrat lies about Trump’s great economy”

  1. Cnn has the dumbest reporters and the way the talk about what Trump hasn’t done, just shows you how stupid they really are. & I know people who have benefited from Trumps tax cuts, Who are far from being rich, So stop your lying CNN ! Morons must watch your show, I only watched you stupid clip. I would not waste my time watching you morons !

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