Another no-name RINO drops out of GOP primary—would rather have socialist in White House

On Friday, NeverTrump candidate Joe Walsh dropped out of the Republican primary for President against incumbent Republican President Donald J. Trump.

Walsh announced his exit from the race on CNN, saying, “I would rather have a socialist in the White House than a dictator.” 

Walsh carried a pathetic 1.1% in the Iowa caucus with only 151 caucus-goers voting for him, as opposed to President Trump who garnered 97.1% of the vote, with 31,464 people caucusing for him.

Walsh has apparently not been a huge success on the campaign trail, with some footage showing him screaming at the top of his lungs at supporters. 

It’s no wonder the failed ex-congressman and now-failed ex-presidential candidate is jumping ship: voters don’t like to be yelled at by an angry socialist-sympathizer. 

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