Mother Jones magazine editor takes racist jab at HUD Secretary Ben Carson

On Saturday, far-left magazine Mother Jones’ editor-in-chief Clara Jeffery took a racist jab at U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson, claiming the only reason he is head of HUD is becuase it’s “a job for a black person.”

The disgusting racist comment shows exactly what she thinks of Dr. Carson, a highly accomplished black man, while ignoring all the other very qualified black people in President Trump’s cabinet, as well as other people of color nominated and confirmed to their posts by the U.S. Senate. 

Jeffrey neglects to mention Surgeon General Jerome Adams, who is also black, yet she conveniently ignores his top post as the leading spokesman on matters of public health in the government and in the United States. Adams has been a leading voice during the Coronavirus pandemic.

1 thought on “Mother Jones magazine editor takes racist jab at HUD Secretary Ben Carson”

  1. I am shocked to see this. Dr. Ben Carson has been highly esteemed and even more importantly LOVED by more people than one can count to. It takes a mightily prejudiced person to TRY to look down on Dr. Carson. We don’t need people around that are so prejudiced as to speak of such a man and run him down because of the color of his skin! We do not need people like this woman running down such great people as Dr. Carson. I’ll take HIM over HER ANY DAY!!!!! She is the low life one here not the fine doctor!!!

    I will be praying for her to have a change of heart because this is a heart issue!!!

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