Socialist Venezuelan dictator says Trump is a ‘racist cowboy’ in face of narco-terrorism charges

After President Trump’s Justice Department indicted illegitimate Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro for drug trafficking (narco-terrorism) by posting a $15 million reward for his capture, Maduro clapped back at the President.

In the indictment, Attorney General Barr said, “While the Venezuelan people suffer, this cabal lines their pockets with drug money and the proceeds of their corruption.” He added, “As alleged, the Maduro regime is awash in corruption and criminality.”

Now, Maduro is fighting back, claiming President Trump is a “racist cowboy” during a televised address. He also said, “You are a miserable human being, Donald Trump.” 

“If one day the imperialists and Colombian oligarchy dare to touch even a single hair, they will face the Bolivarian fury of an entire nation that will wipe them all out.”

The empty threats come as the weak socialist country, crippled by U.S. sanctions and its oil reserves, is hurting, especially as Saudi Arabian OPEC has flooded the market with cheap oil. 

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