NBC News op-ed claims GOP is ‘using coronavirus to oppress women’ by suspending elective abortion

A disgusting new op-ed has appeared on NBC News, claiming Republicans are utilizing the coronavirus to “force pregnant people to give birth.” The author, Danielle Campoamor, who has often promoted unsafe ways to find abortions during the COVID-19 pandemic in the graphic men’s magazine Playboy, contends that Republicans’ concerns for women’s health in this pandemic are “shamelessly wrapped in a faux concern for health care providers.”

The supposed evidence Campoamor presents to back up her argument include far-left studies and the word of the Dr. Dan Grossman, the director of a reproductive health research group at the far-left University of California, San Francisco, claiming a suspension of aboritons during COVID-19 won’t help free up supplies and will negatively affect poor women.

The bitter lies spewed by the author go to new lows, claiming that because women would have to forgo abortions, that they are put in danger, which is unfounded by any facts. 

Campoamor is somehow triggered by the fact that Republicans have championed laws throughout the country, which have saved countless lives of women and babies. Because of those life-saving laws, she caims, “Anti-abortion laws have closed clinics nationwide, left 89 percent of counties without an abortion provider, and have banned tax dollars from funding abortion — all of which disproportionally affects black people, poor people, people living in rural areas and the LGBTQ community, people who also stand to be the most harmed by the financial ramifications of the coronavirus.” 

Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion organizations that seek to take the lives of children do not discriminate by color — they will kill whatever baby that comes through thier door, because it means maing a buck off of the suffering and pain of women and infants. And because aboriton clinics disproportionaly target minorities by placing htem in areas with higher minority populations, abortion is, in fact, racist and distriminiatory against the unborn — who come from all colors, genders, and backgrounds. 

Even more disgusting is that Campoamor claims the Republican Party has “shown itself to be the party of political self-interest” by wanting to save human lives through limiting elective procedures (i.e. abortions). But the Left has relished in the defeat of Republican president by hoping the coronavirus tanks him. Some have even claimed Trump is responsible for the virus.

Republicans’ decision to work toward a safer environment for women and babies should be commended, not railed against by abortion up-to-birth radicals lamenting the fact that a pandemic has hindered their plans to abort babies on-demand for any reason.

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