Biden has the most cringe-worthy ‘interview’ with ex-stripper who drugged and robbed men

On Monday, ELLE released a highly edited interview with Joe Biden and rapper “Cardi B” who self-admittedly drugged and robbed men while she worked as a stripper. The two discussed their hopes and dreams for the country, and they included some very pricy and expensive proposals.

Her list, while speaking to Biden included socialized “Medicare-for-all,” or as she called it, “Free Medicare,” “free college education,” among a strange rant about how “black people [are] getting killed,” and somehow as President, Biden can fix all these problems. 

During the interview, Biden forgot how many grandchildren he has.

Biden apparently also made multiple mistakes in the interview, as it was highly edited with his soundbites, as well as Cardi B’s soundbites. Biden also dubbed himself “Joey B.”

The full interview is below. 

According to a recent report, President Trump took 700% more questions from the press than Joe Biden.

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