After Nat’l Guard ‘banished’ to parking garage, Trump lets them stay at his DC hotel

After National Guard troops were shamefullybanished” to parking garages and outside in the cold by D.C. Capitol Police, the agency has now apologized, allowing the brave men and women to come back to the Capitol. Some troops told the press they felt “incredibly betrayed” by the callous move, reportedly made by Rep. Bill Keating (D-MA).

Many members of Congress and governors responded with outrage after the troops were mistreated and disrespected. 

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) wrote, “@JoeBiden how dare you force our great men and women in the National Guard to sleep on the concrete in a cold parking garage last night! You and @SpeakerPelosi brought them here for your state military take over and treat them worse than dogs. Would you do that to Hunter?” 

Congressman Madison Cawthorn responded by visiting the men and women in the parking garage and delivering them boxes of pizza while inviting them to stay at his office. 

“I just visited the solders who have been abandoned & insulted by our leaders. I brought them pizza and told them that they can sleep in my office. No soldier will ever, ever sleep on a garage floor in the US Capitol while I work in Congress Our Troops deserve better,” Cawthorn wrote. 

President Trump also offered a kind gesture to the troops, allowing them to stay at his Washington, D.C. hotel if they need.

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