Candace Owens put’s Biden’s press sec. on notice over censorship comment

On Monday, Joe Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki took a question from a reporter regarding Joe Biden’s stance on censoring conservatives, to which the press secretary responded with a pretty broad answer.

Psaki said, “We’ve spoken to and [Biden has] spoken to the need for social media platforms to continue to take steps to reduce hate speech.”

But firebrand conservative commentator Candace Owens clapped back at Psaki’s response regarding President Trump, writing on Twitter, “Can any person produce the specific tweet that President Trump authored that @PressSec is alleging constituted ‘hate speech’. Should be pretty easy to produce the singular tweet that was so ‘hateful’ that it constituted censorship while convicted murderers still have accounts.” 

Check out Candace’s tweet and watch Psaki try to defend Joe Biden’s anti-First Amendment stance: 

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