Dem rep. calls GOP colleagues who don’t want to gag Rep. Taylor Greene ‘morally bankrupt’

On Tuesday, a new video of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) shows the Florida congresswoman railing against fellow Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, claiming the Georgia congresswoman deserves “expulsion” from the House of Representatives. 

Wasserman Schultz is the sponsor of a resolution to strip Rep. Taylor Greene of her committee assignments because a vote for expulsion would take two-thirds of the House. Schultz claims Taylor Greene  has a “pattern of appalling behavior” that “helped fuel domestic terrorism,” which is not substantiated with any facts proving these grave accusations.

During the video, Wasserman Schultz bemoaned the fact that Democrats would likely not get a two-thirds majority of the House to censure Taylor Greene, claiming there were not enough Republicans who “aren’t morally bankrupt.” 

She said, “reducing future harm that she could cause in Congress and denying her a seat at committee tables where fact-based policies will be crafted is both a suitable punishment and a proper restraint of her influence.” 

The move by Wasserman Schultz appears to be merely a procedural way to “censor” Rep. Taylor Greene, as social media companies and other organizations have been hell-bent on gagging the loud voices of pro-Trump patriots across the country.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz served as Democrat National Committee Chair until she was forced to resign in 2016 for rigging the Democrat primary against Sen. Bernie Sanders

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