Rep. MTG has a new name for the mainstream media conspiracy theorists

On Thursday, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene coined a new term for the liberal media conspiracy theorists obsessed with “Qanon.” 

She dubbed them a “cult” and branded them with the hashtag “BlueAnon.”

She wrote, “The ‘journalists’ obsessed with Qanon are a cult. They’ve been spreading conspiracy theories for years. #BlueAnon.” 

Rep. Taylor Greene said she followed Qanon, the far-right theory regarding the Deep State and pedophile predators in the government, years ago but stopped well before she ran for Congress after she found out the theories allegedly mended truth with lies. However, that hasn’t stopped the mainstream media from obsessing over the theory, trying desperately to brand the Georgia Congresswoman and others as “Qanon” followers. 

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