Rep. MTG: ‘Evangelicals for Biden’ are ‘not reading your Bible enough’

On Monday, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) joined the Todd Starnes podcast, where she went off on the group “Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden” for their support of the anti-life extremist and career D.C. swamp politician. 

When asked about these supposed “pro-life” Evangelical supporters of Biden, Rep. Taylor Greene responded, “You can’t sing, ‘Jesus loves the little children’ and be a Democrat. You want to know why Democrats are pro-abortion? Everything they do is for abortion and funding abortion. It’s, you know, rammed into every single giant omnibus bill and budget bill. And, of course, they’re getting rid of the Hyde Amendment. And, of course, they want to fund Planned Parenthood. They want Planned Parenthood to get a PPP loan

She added, “If you’re an Evangelical for Biden, you’re not reading your Bible enough, and you’re not understanding who Joe Biden is.” 

Check out the interview here: 

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