Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene trolls the libs with ‘Q’ gun giveaway

On Wednesday, Pro-Trump firebrand Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene once again trolled the libs, who have been desperate to tie her to “QAnon,” a theory about pedophiles running the government through a secret society. Although she has distanced herself from the theory, Democrats have tried to put her in that box.

But she’s not minding what the Radical Left says with her new fundraising campaign/gun giveaway.

Rep. Taylor Greene wrote in the fundraising email, “Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress are working to impose the most radical gun-control schemes into law. This is the most VICIOUS attacks on the Second Amendment our country as ever seen.” 

“As the #1 defender of gun rights in Congress, I will always fight against dangerous “Red Flag” gun confiscation, magazine bans, ammo bans and every other plot to strip away your Second Amendment rights. In fact, in support of our Second Amendment, the right that protects all others, I’m giving away the same type of gun the left wants to ban!” 

“This is the same type of gun that TRIGGERS the Fake News Media and Democrats all across the country. And it’s the same type of gun the hate-America gun-grabbers in DC would love to BAN if they ever get the votes. Valued at $2,860 Someone has to win it … might as well be you,” she wrote.

This fiery email comes as Democrats in Congress are hell-bent on snatching Americans’ guns and illegitimate Joe Biden has threatened to sign an executive order to snatch guns.

Democrats in Congress are also trying to get Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene expelled, although Democrat leadership has refused to support the measure, as they likely see it as political death for them in the midterm elections. 

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