BlueAnon insurrectionist storms Capitol while GOP governor signs election integrity bill

On Thursday, during the bill signing of an election integrity bill by Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, a left-wing BlueAnon insurrectionist, Democrat state Rep. Park Cannon, stormed the Capitol to try and interrupt the Republican governor from signing the bill.

“She was advised that she was disturbing what was going on inside and if she did not stop, she would be placed under arrest,” said Georgia State Police spokesman Lt. W. Mark Riley. “Rep. Cannon refused to stop knocking on the door.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

Court documents show she was charged with “knowingly and intentionally” knocking on the governor’s door during a bill signing and stomping on Officer L.T. Langford’s foot three times “during the apprehension and as she was being escorted out of the property.”

“The accused continued kicking on LT Langford with her heels,” according to the arrest warrant.

Earlier this legislative session, Cannon was involved in a separate confrontation with a Capitol police officer.

The BlueAnon insurrectionist has been roasted on Twitter for acting out, while Democrats ferociously defend her despite her disrupting the peace and storming the Capitol. 

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