RINO Susan Collins comes to defense of NeverTrumpers Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney

One of the biggest RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) in Congress, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) appeared on the far-left “news” channel CNN with Jake Tapper to discuss current events. 

During the interview, she was asked about the former Massachusetts Governor and now-Sen. Willard “Mitt” Romney (R-UT) being booed at the Republican Party of Utah state convention. Tapper said, “Let’s turn to the state of the Republican Party. Your fellow Republican Senator Mitt Romney, who I believe is a friend of yours, he was booed by delegates at the Utah Republican Convention yesterday. What was your reaction when you saw the clip of the vote for him being booed and the close vote to censure him?”

Romney was blasted as a “traitor” and a “communist” as he addressed the convention after voting twice to impeach President Donald Trump and voted against multiple priorities of the 45th President. 

Collins said, “I was appalled. Mitt Romney is an outstanding senator who served his state and our country well. We, Republicans, need to remember that we are united by fundamental principles such as a belief in personal responsibility, individual freedom, opportunity, free markets, a strong national defense. Those are the principles that unite us. We are not a party that is led by just one person. There are many prominent upcoming younger men and women in our party who hold great promise for leading us. I think that all of us who abide by those principles should remember Ronald Reagan’s admonition to republicans that the person who agrees with you 70% or 80% of the time is your friend, not your enemy.”

When asked about RINO Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), once again Collins came to her defense, telling Tapper, “Collins said, “Liz Cheney is a woman of strength and conscience. And she did what she felt was right, and I salute her for that. We need to be accepting of differences in our party. We don’t want to become like too much of the Democratic Party, which has been taken over by the progressive left. We need to have room for a variety of views, especially since we adhere to those core principles that I mentioned earlier.”

Since the betrayal, Liz Cheney now has pro-Trump Republican challengers and she has even hinted at running for president in 2024 to save face.

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  1. charles A wilkins

    Communist China has taken over our elections and set up a puppet Joe Biden government designed to bankrupt our American values and Country. Several overseas locations altered our election process which had been manipulated by numerous foreign countries (China Russia Iran) all designed to steal, alter, our election results. Our State voting laws were broken, in several key States, knowing the voting laws were deliberately altered , they broke many laws to assist in this process. This all could have been stopped but key Democrat, Socialist, players now now within our government for money, power position, became players in this game of cyber election attacks to alter voter results. The Biden’s have been well paid pawns of the Chinese Communist Party, two hundred million plus and still counting , ask Hunter for confirmation, the virus was designed for the beginning of plans to disrupt our election process. Those political powers who were involved are traitors, to our Union, remember our oath taken by all, to protect, defend our country against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, Look no further then Kerry’s recent selling out Israel as well as his own Country. What is this great love for a country sworn to destroy us and Israel? Look at Biden using the DOJ and FBI as a political arm of government throwing our constitutional rights in the trash can.

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