‘Colonizer’: Woke mob stomps on the grave of Nazi victim Anne Frank

“The Diary of Anne Frank” is a classic that most children must read in grade school to learn about the horrors of Nazi Germany and the inhumanity of Adolph Hitler’s brutal reign which claimed the lives of millions of innocent people.

But now the “Woke” mob, apparently bored out of their minds, have begun an anti-Semitic trope against Frank, claiming she is a “colonizer.” 

One such comment on Twitter from the “Black Hammer Times,” they responded, “She is” in a question asking if they truly believe Anne Frank is a colonizer. 

The group previously wrote, “Anne Frank’s father participated in an imperial army that went abroad & killed African people everyday, but we’re supposed to cry for the bleach demon,” adding, “What makes it even worse is proceeds of her diary, which was filled in by her father, go towards genocide of Palestinians.”

Others wrote on Twitter that Anne Frank’s diary was a “memoir” and it taught them the “least.” Frank’s diary was not a memoir in any way, shape, or form. It was a recollection of horrific events she went through while suffering a Nazi concentration camp.

Many people called out the vile statements toward the young Jewish victim of the Nazis: 

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  1. Many in the United States and inhumane, horrible people. Very disturbing the Direction this Country is going.

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