WSJ report reveals President Trump was right about Wuhan virus origins

On Sunday, the Wall Street Journal released a report on the origins of the virus originating in Wuhan, China at the end of 2019 and being spread worldwide on a large scale in early 2021.

According to the report, United States intelligence found that three researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China became sick with the Chinese virus symptoms in November 2019 and sought medical care.

Business Insider reports, “The Journal said the new details added to information from a State Department fact sheet issued in the last days of President Donald Trump’s administration. It added that officials familiar with the report did not agree on the strength of the evidence found.”

President Trump was asked by a reporter in April 2020, just one month into the heat of the pandemic, “Have you seen anything that gives you a high degree of confidence that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was the origin of this virus?”

President Trump responded, “Yes, yes I have. Yes, I have. And I think that the World Health Organization should be ashamed of themselves. Because they’re like the public relations agency for China. And this country pays them almost $500 million a year and China pays them $38 mill a year, and whether it’s a lot or more, it doesn’t matter. And still, they shouldn’t be making excuses when people make horrible mistakes, especially mistakes that are causing hundreds of thousands of people around the world to die. I think the World Health Organization should be ashamed of themselves.” 


According to Business Insider, the World Health Organization “spent a month in Wuhan investigating the origin of the coronavirus and concluded that the virus most likely jumped from bats to people through an intermediary animal.” It said that a lab leak was “extremely unlikely.”

It appears President Trump was right about the Wuhan lab origins of the China virus.

2 thoughts on “WSJ report reveals President Trump was right about Wuhan virus origins”

  1. There’s no denying it today China infected the world and the greatest Nation in the World and ALL World Nation leaders are cowards for doing nothing it is highly suspicious not one Democrat has been infected in my opinion this is highly suspicious. The only one that was serious about making China pay was Donald J. Trump, to this day the rightful President to the United States of America.

  2. It is absolutely disgraceful the radical left democrats have dismissed the origins of the China virus. Everyone knows the Chinese communist party is hiding the truth from the rest of the world.
    The entire world needs to hold China accountable and they must pay. So many deaths and economic destruction.
    President Trump is absolutely correct and we need him back in the white house instead of coward china loving Biden.

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