Trump says sham committee should investigate ‘November 3 insurrection,’ not Jan. 6

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump declared in a statement that the House Committee on the January 6 incursion of the Capitol should investigate the “November 5 insurrection” instead, amid massive allegations of voter fraud across the country. 

Trump said in a statement, “The Unselect Committee of partisan Democrats, and two very weak and pathetic RINOs, should come to the conclusion after spending many millions of dollars, that the real insurrection happened on November 3rd, the Presidential Election, not on January 6th—which was a day of protesting the Fake Election results.”

The move comes as allies to Trump, such as former chief of staff and former Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) are refusing to comply with subpoenas from Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th inquisition committee, which aims to harm Trump and erroneously claim the Republicans—not Pelosi—are responsible for people entering the building early this year.

President Trump is rumored to be running in 2024 and he is likely to win the nomination if he throws his hat in the ring.

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