Biden tanking Dems’ hopes of Virginia governorship, says Dem nominee

According to Democrat nominee for governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, former vice president Joe Biden is tanking Democrats’ hopes of winning Virginia’s governorship.

“We are facing a lot of headwinds from Washington,” McAuliffe, a former head of the Democrat National Committee, said to supporters Tuesday. “As you know, [Biden] is unpopular today, unfortunately, here in Virginia, so we’ve got to plow through.”

The Tri-City Herald reports:

Biden is buffeted by intraparty fighting over his signature infrastructure package, a resurgent coronavirus pandemic and lingering bipartisan criticism for both his administration’s handling of migrants at the Southern border and the military’s August withdrawal from Afghanistan.

A former chair of the Democratic National Committee, McAuliffe’s distancing from the president may be a precursor as to how the party’s congressional candidates will try to save themselves in next year’s midterm elections.

“Terry is losing this race on his own because Virginians are rejecting his left liberal agenda of defunding the police, firing workers who won’t follow his vaccine edicts, keep parents from having a say in their child’s education, and raise taxes on each Virginia family by $5,400 dollars,” Macaulay Porter, a Youngkin spokeswoman said in an emailed statement.

At a debate in late September, McAuliffe also distanced himself from congressional Democrats, arguing that the $3.5 trillion price tag for a bill enshrining Biden’s domestic policy agenda was “too high” and arguing that the debate over the legislation had dragged on too long, although he still called for its passage.

But over the summer, McAuliffe held a joint press conference with Biden in Arlington, Virginia. Polls show Glenn Youngkin, the Republican nominee, even in the polls. Some show him ahead of McAuliffe.

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