Leftist attacks on Jan. 6 rally attendees BACKFIRE

According to a new report from POLITICO, far-left attacks on conservative lawmakers who attended the peaceful January 6 “Save America” rally have backfired big time.

Following news that Republican lawmakers from across the country attended the January 6 rally to push back against the stolen election, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) ran ads against legislators who attended. The group claimed these lawmakers were “insurrectionists” despite no insurrection taking place. 

POLITICO reports:

As of this month, the only Republican legislator to step down is Derrick Evans, a West Virginia delegate who live-streamed himself entering the Capitol while shouting “We’re in! We’re in! Derrick Evans is in the Capitol!” He resigned after he was arrested on Jan. 8.

According to Democrats, the ads against people like state Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-PA) backfired. “His street cred went up,” said Jay Costa, the Democratic minority leader in the Pennsylvania state Senate. “There’s no question.”

DLCC officials say they have no current plans to spend against the 21 Republicans on its list, in part because they are waiting to see the results of redistricting, and partly because many of them, such as Mastriano, are in safely red districts. But they do feel that their research efforts helped them land on a crucial proof point: that the “Stop the Steal” movement is representative of today’s Republican Party, a fact they said they intend to use as a political weapon against GOP candidates in upcoming statehouse races.

“The test of whether any of these insurrectionists get scathed will be November 2022,” said former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, a Democrat who is chairing a new super PAC, Never Again, targeting the 147 members of Congress who voted against the certification of the election. “We never assumed that they’d have much if any pushback within their own party.”

In Pennsylvania, the opposite has been true. In the months since Jan. 6, Mastriano has succeeded in making the state party look more like him, not less.

As patriotic pro-Trump conservatives become targets of the leftist rage, they are making an impact in their home states and changing the conversation to focus on America First.

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  1. The Jan. 6 Commission is nothing but political warfare, which is evident in the fact that Ashli Babbitt’s killer is still free and on the job.

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