MSNBC admits it is ‘very possible’ Trump, GOP will ‘reclaim’ power

On Wednesday during MSNBC’s Reid Out with far-left host Joy Reid, contributor Charlie Sykes, a NeverTrump commentator from The Bulwark, who claims to be “conservative” admitted that President Donald Trump and Republicans are coming back bigger and better than ever. 

Sykes told Reid, “I do think as I was watching your setup that to realize that what the Republican Party is doing is it’s setting itself up for the restoration to power, and it is very possible as we sit here today that Donald Trump will return to the presidency and that this Republican Party we’re talking about will take control of Congress and I think that needs to be the prime directive in our politics.” 

“Understand what they are doing, they are cynical enough to believe that in fact it will work and it may work,” added the anti-Republican commentator.


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