Facebook refuses to lift Trump ban during midterms

Facebook announced that it will continue to refuse to lift President Trump’s ban on the platform throughout the Midterm elections coming up in November.

The Washington Times reports:

Mr. Trump was barred from Facebook and Instagram, which both operate as part of the Meta company, following the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol. The company later extended the restrictions on his account. 

Meta president Nick Clegg told Politico his company would maintain the timeline for revisiting the ban in January rather than lift it before the November elections.

In June 2021, Mr. Clegg said Meta was enacting a two-year ban retroactive from Jan. 7 against Mr. Trump’s accounts, which marked January 2023 as the earliest the former president may regain access. 

Mr. Trump has not waited for the social media company to permit his return but formed his own social platform Truth Social. 

Other platforms, including Twitter and YouTube (run by Google), have also restricted the President’s use of their platforms. However, Trump continues to be active on Truth Social, where conservatives are flocking to while Big Tech continues to censor.

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