Hillary Clinton accidentally ditched Chelsea at the Kremlin

While appearing on Tuesday’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made a shocking admission that the forgot her daughter, Chelsea, at the Kremlin in Moscow. The info came out while playing a game on the show.

The Daily Wire reports:

In order to play the game, Chelsea had to put on a pair of headphones that would prevent her from hearing her mother’s answer to a question — after which she was to remove the headphones and answer the same question — to see if they would each give the same answer.

As Chelsea nodded along to the music playing in her ears, Fallon turned to Hillary and asked her to tell him about her “craziest family vacation memory.”

After a brief pause, Hillary noted that they had had some interesting travel memories, but one did stand out: “I hope she doesn’t remember this because it was pretty traumatic.”

“We took her to Russia — Russia — when we went on a state visit when Bill was president, and there were the formal goodbyes —”

Clinton continued with laughter, “So Bill and I were ushered into the Beast, the big limousine, to head to the airport, not knowing that we had left her behind,” She added, “I mean, can you imagine? Leaving my only child in the Kremlin, especially with everything that has happened?”

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