Violent Antifa ‘terrorist’ mob storms Tomi Lahren’s UNM event

Via the Piñon Post:

On Thursday, a radical Antifa mob shut down a scheduled speech from conservative Tomi Lahren in front of the University of New Mexico’s Turning Point USA chapter on campus. The mob stormed the Student Union building, forcing security to escort Lahren to safety.

The unruly extremists repeatedly screamed, “Shut it down! Shut it down!” before breaching the event.  


Afterward, Lahren wrote on Twitter, “Campus terrorists showed up at my @UNM speech tonight and UNM did not care. They shoved officers and tried to bust down the door to the speech room. These colleges are unbelievable. They don’t care about the safety of conservative students or guests. Sickening.”

She added, “New Mexico police are now dispatched to my speech to deal with these violent and abhorrent protesters. Over speech you don’t like? Freakin disgusting.”

U.S. Sen Ted Cruz reacted to the mob rule at UNM, writing, “Disgraceful. Yet another university ignores & condones leftist violence and censorship.”

ANTIFA domestic terrorists took credit for the violent attack on Lahren’s event, with Post Millennial journalist Andy Ngo reporting, “#Antifa & far-left accounts are taking credit for shutting down Tomi Lauren’s campus speaking event at @UNM. The extremist movement views freedom of expression as intolerable, & uses violence or threat of violence to suppress speech.” 

A violent Antifa mob previously attempted to shut down an event in 2017 with Milo Yiannopoulos, where arrests took place of far-left rioters.

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