WATCH: Hurricane sends shark swimming down Florida street

In a strange turn of events, as Florida gets ravaged by Hurricane Ian, a shark was spotted swimming down a street in St. Myers. The shark was captured on video by one resident who stayed behind.


The Daily Wire reports:

The immediate response to the clip, as it quickly circulated on Twitter, was a slew of references to the campy made-for-TV flick “Sharknado” — which features a massive storm that sucks sharks up into a waterspout and proceeds to drop them into populated areas.

“Oh no. Sharknado was real,” South Dakota meteorologist Tyler Roney tweeted in response to the video.

“Where is Ian Ziering when you need him?” @themitchellfink added, referencing the film’s protagonist.

Gerald Butts noted that this was not the first time someone had claimed to have video of a shark swimming down a residential street as the result of a storm — and suggested people would have a hard time believing that this time it was real.

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